Are You Safe????

Never Events: words first introduced in 2001 by Ken Kizer, former CEO for National Quality Forum, in reference to “particularly shocking medical errors” that should never occur (retrieved on July 13, 1015 from AHRQ   The government agency for Health and Human Services reported that 1 in 7 Medicare beneficiaries (13.5%) experienced adverse events while in the hospital (retrieved on July 13, 2015 from

As a nurse doing quality for a perioperative department, I see all sorts of things that don’t make the headlines, but make me cringe.  The general public is very well versed at internet research, but do you really know ALL that goes on behind those medical center doors??? The miscount during a procedure, the vessel that was transsected, the attending physician who didn’t know his a** from a hot rock? These are the things, the dirty underbelly of the “good ‘ol boys” club that we thought was gone, but really, is it???? This blog will offer tidbits to arm you, the consumer, yes you, you are a consumer of healthcare! You pay for those of us in healthcare to poke, prod, dissect, and fillet your body parts every day.  Some of you have not a clue of what that signature means on the consent line.  But again, who has time to read all those legal, informational pieces of yada-yada right when you are getting all sorts of other informational flavorings tossed into your real-world salad?  Information overload!!! Anyhow, I will try and guide you through the scary jungle of our hospital doors…..tell you what I see, explain to you what you need to know…..yes, you are most vulnerable during your time in the hospital, and I am going to arm you with easy, every day morsels that will get you out……hopefully, ALIVE!